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This library provides a basic enviroment to produce a clean latex build. It run the latex build within a Tempdir.

It also provides a simple templating feature which can be used to insert text fragements into the input files.


use std::collections::HashMap;
use std::fs::write;
use latexcompile::{LatexCompiler, LatexInput, LatexError};

fn main() {
    // create the template map
    let mut dict = HashMap::new();
    dict.insert("test".into(), "Minimal".into());
    // provide the folder where the file for latex compiler are found
    let input = LatexInput::from("assets");
    // create a new clean compiler enviroment and the compiler wrapper
    let compiler = LatexCompiler::new(dict).unwrap();
    // run the underlying pdflatex or whatever
    let result = compiler.run("assets/test.tex", &input).unwrap();

    // copy the file into the working directory
    let output = ::std::env::current_dir().unwrap().join("out.pdf");
    assert!(write(output, result).is_ok());



The wrapper struct around some latex compiler. It provides a clean temporary enviroment for the latex compilation.


The latex input provides the needed files as tuple vector with name, buffer as tuple.



Specify all error cases with the fail api.