Derive Macro kube_derive::CustomResource[][src]

    // Attributes available to this derive:

A custom derive for kubernetes custom resource definitions.

This will generate a root object containing your spec and metadata. This root object will implement the k8s_openapi::Metadata + k8s_openapi::Resource traits so it can be used with kube::Api.

The generated type will also implement a ::crd method to generate the crd at the specified api version (or v1 if unspecified).


use serde::{Serialize, Deserialize};
use k8s_openapi::Resource;
use kube_derive::CustomResource;
use schemars::JsonSchema;

#[derive(CustomResource, Clone, Debug, Deserialize, Serialize, JsonSchema)]
#[kube(group = "", version = "v1", kind = "Foo", namespaced)]
struct FooSpec {
    info: String,

println!("kind = {}", Foo::KIND); // impl k8s_openapi::Resource
let f = Foo::new("foo-1", FooSpec {
    info: "informative info".into(),
println!("foo: {:?}", f); // debug print on generated type
println!("crd: {}", serde_yaml::to_string(&Foo::crd()).unwrap()); // crd yaml

This example creates a struct Foo containing metadata, the spec, and optionally status. The generated type Foo can be used with the kube crate as an Api<Foo> object (FooSpec can not be used with Api).

 let client = Client::try_default().await?;
 let foos: Api<Foo> = Api::namespaced(client.clone(), "default");

 let crds: Api<CustomResourceDefinition> = Api::all(client.clone());
 crds.patch("", &ssapply, serde_yaml::to_vec(&Foo::crd())?).await

This example posts the generated ::crd to the CustomResourceDefinition API. After this has been accepted (few secs max), you can start using foos as a normal kube Api object. See the crd_ prefixed examples for details on this.

Required properties

#[kube(group = "mygroup.tld")]

Your cr api group. The part before the slash in the top level apiVersion key.

#[kube(version = "v1")]

Your cr api version. The part after the slash in the top level apiVersion key.

#[kube(kind = "Kind")]

Name of your kind and your generated root type.

Optional #[kube] attributes

#[kube(apiextensions = "v1beta1")]

The version for CustomResourceDefinition desired in the group. Default is v1 (for clusters >= 1.17). If using kubernetes <= 1.16 please use v1beta1.

NOTE: Support for v1 requires deriving the openapi v3 JsonSchema via the schemars dependency.


To specify that this is a namespaced resource rather than cluster level.

#[kube(struct = "StructName")]

Customize the name of the generated root struct (defaults to kind).

#[kube(status = "StatusStructName")]

Adds a status struct to the top level generated type and enables the status subresource in your crd.

#[kube(derive = "Trait")]

Adding #[kube(derive = "PartialEq")] is required if you want your generated top level type to be able to #[derive(PartialEq)]

#[kube(scale = r#"json"#)]

Allow customizing the scale struct for the scale subresource.

#[kube(printcolumn = r#"json"#)]

Allows adding straight json to printcolumns.

#[kube(shortname = "sn")]

Add a single shortname to the generated crd.

Example with all properties

use serde::{Serialize, Deserialize};
use kube_derive::CustomResource;
use schemars::JsonSchema;

#[derive(CustomResource, Serialize, Deserialize, Debug, PartialEq, Clone, JsonSchema)]
    group = "",
    version = "v1",
    kind = "Foo",
    struct = "FooCrd",
    status = "FooStatus",
    derive = "PartialEq",
    shortname = "f",
    scale = r#"{"specReplicasPath":".spec.replicas", "statusReplicasPath":".status.replicas"}"#,
    printcolumn = r#"{"name":"Spec", "type":"string", "description":"name of foo", "jsonPath":""}"#
struct FooSpec {
    data: String,
    replicas: i32

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug, PartialEq, Clone, JsonSchema)]
struct FooStatus {
    replicas: i32

Generated code

The example above will roughly generate:

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug, PartialEq, Clone, JsonSchema)]
#[serde(rename_all = "camelCase")]
pub struct FooCrd {
    api_version: String,
    kind: String,
    metadata: ObjectMeta,
    spec: FooSpec,
    status: Option<FooStatus>,
impl k8s_openapi::Resource for FooCrd {...}
impl k8s_openapi::Metadata for FooCrd {...}

impl FooCrd {
    pub fn new(name: &str, spec: FooSpec) -> Self { ... }
    pub fn crd() -> k8s_openapi::...::CustomResourceDefinition { ... }

Customizing Schemas

Should you need to customize the schemas, you can use:

In general, you will need to override parts of the schemas (for fields in question) when you are:

If you have to override a lot, you can opt-out of schema-generation entirely


Try cargo-expand to see your own macro expansion.


Enable the derive feature on the kube crate:

kube = { version = "...", features = ["derive"] }

Runtime dependencies

Due to rust-lang/rust#54363, we cannot be resilient against crate renames within our generated code. It’s therefore required that you have the following crates in scope, not renamed:

  • serde_json
  • k8s_openapi
  • schemars (by default, unless schema feature disabled)

You are ultimately responsible for maintaining the versions and feature flags of these libraries.