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Crate with types and traits necessary for interacting with the Kubernetes API

This crate provides the minimal apimachinery necessary to make requests to the kubernetes API.

It does not export export a client, but it also has almost no dependencies.

Everything in this crate is re-exported from kube (even with zero features) under kube::core.



  • admissionadmission
    Contains types for implementing admission controllers.
  • Contains types useful for implementing custom resource conversion webhooks.
  • Traits and tyes for CustomResources
  • Type information structs for API discovery
  • Kubernetes Durations.
  • Contains types for using resource kinds not known at compile-time.
  • Type information structs for dynamic resources.
  • Metadata structs used in traits, lists, and dynamic objects.
  • Generic object and objectlist wrappers.
  • A port of request parameter *Optionals from apimachinery/types.go
  • Request builder type for arbitrary api types
  • Generic api response types
  • Request builder types and parameters for subresources
  • Utils and helpers
  • Types for the watch api



  • Version parser for Kubernetes version patterns