[][src]Crate krb5_src

Build system integration for libkrb5, MIT's Kerberos implementation.

This crate builds a vendored copy of libkrb5 using Cargo's support for custom build scripts. It is not intended for direct consumption, but as a dependency for other crates that need libkrb5 available, like sasl2-sys.

krb5-src is currently bundling libkrb5 v1.18.2.

To use this crate, declare a dependency or dev-dependency on krb5-src. Then, in the build script for your crate, the environment variable DEP_KRB5_SRC_ROOT will point to the directory in which the bundled copy of libkrb5 has been installed. You can build and link another C library against this copy of libkrb5, or generate Rust bindings and link Rust code against this copy of libkrb5.

Note that you are responsible for instructing Cargo to link in the components of libkrb5 that you depend upon. Here is an example build script fragment.


Cargo features

krb5-src can be configured with the following Cargo features:

  • binaries builds the binaries that come with libkrb5 (kinit, kdestroy, et al.) and installs them into DEP_KRB5_SRC_ROOT/bin.

  • nls enables native language support (i.e., localization). This feature corresponds to the --enable-nls configure flag.

    On some platforms, when this feature is enabled, the application must additionally link against libintl.

  • openssl-vendored enables the vendored feature of the openssl-sys crate.