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Contains the parser and AST format used by the Koto language


An assignment target with its associated scope

A Koto program represented as an Abstract Syntax Tree

A for loop definition

An if expression definition

A Node in the Ast, along with its corresponding Span

A string definition

A try expression definition

A 24 bit index for constants

The error returned from TryFrom implementations for ConstantIndex

A constant pool produced by the Parser for a Koto script

A function definition

An arm in a match expression

Koto’s parser

An error that can be produced by the Parser

Represents a line/column position in a script

A span is a range in the source code, represented by a start and end position

An arm in a switch expression


The operation used in an assignment expression

An operation used in BinaryOp expressions

An operation used in UnaryOp expressions

A constant provided by a ConstantPool

A node in an import item, see Node::Import

A node in a lookup chain

A map key definition

A meta key

A parsed node that can be included in the AST.

The type of quotation mark used in a string literal

The scope for an assignment

A node in a string definition


Produces a formatted error string with a corresponding source excerpt

Type Definitions

The index type used by nodes in the Ast