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Kōrero, a communication library. Contains code that I find myself copying and pasting often.


Provides a TerminalLogger to use out of the box. Construction requires a Verbosity level to make use of MinVerbosity checks.

The source file for TerminalLogger, output/mod.rs, has an example of how you would implement the various traits provided by this library. In this particular instance, TerminalLogger is logging, but the intention is that another operation would implement:

  • Logs in order to access a logger that presumably exists on a struct.
  • Verbose to declare how verbose the logger will be at runtime.
  • MinVerbosity to declare at what level of verbosity the logger should print. So if the logger is set to Medium verbosity, and the MinVerbosity for this operation is Medium, then the user will see some output.
  • Logger which describes how the logger will write to the terminal (or some other destination.)

A logger would implement Prints for each type it would like to output.

More on usage here.