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This is supported on crate feature parsing_no_proc only.
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Parsing using const fn methods.

You can use the Parser type to parse from string slices, and byte slices, more information in its documentation.

If you’re looking for functions to parse some type from an entire string (instead of only part of it), then you want to look in the module for that type, eg: primitive::parse_bool.

If you do want to parse a type fron only part of a string, then you can use Parser’s parser_* methods, or the parse_with macro.


Error returned by all parsing methods that return Result.

For parsing and traversing over byte strings in const contexts.

Parses a standard library type, determined by the StdType type parameter.


What kind of parsing error this is.

The direction that a parser was parsing from when an error happened.


Gets a type that parses Self with a parse_with method.

Type Definitions

Result alias for functions that parse values.

Result alias for functions that mutate the parser fallibly.