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Komodo Airdrop

(Komodo) Airdrop is a tool that allows anyone to perform an airdrop within the Komodo Platform.

It builds on the komodo-rpc-client and offers an extension to the current Airdrop and Snapshot functionality of the Komodo daemon.


Snapshot makes it easy to specify a Komodo (asset)chain and perform a snapshot on that chain. It offers some extra properties, such as

  • excluding specific addresses from the snapshot
  • specifying a threshold to exclude addresses with low balance


The airdrop functionality allows to specify a Komodo (asset)chain and do an airdrop on that chain using a Snapshot.

Why is this a useful tool?

The Komodo platform allows anyone to create a blockchain. Every new blockchain is a runtime fork of the Komodo blockchain, which means that these new blockchains inherit almost all functionalities from Komodo, including address formats. This allows the addresses in a snapshot to be used as an input on another blockchain within the platform, since the private key to these addresses work throughout the Komodo platform and always lead to the same address.


An airdrop (for now) only takes a Snapshot as input. In the future, a JSON file as input will be supported.


  • Define a fund address that holds the coins to airdrop
  • Airdrop a percentage of the fund address's funds, by applying a ratio between 0.0 and 1.0
  • Airdrop a specific amount from the fund address
  • Whether to include interest in the airdrop (KMD only)

Assumes there are two blockchains running and synced:

  • the one where the snapshot is taken (usually an assetchain)
  • the one from where the funds are airdropped (mostly KMD)



Ultimately holds the details of a snapshot, performed on a Komodo (asset)chain.




A set of predefined, known assetchains. Custom(String) exists to define your own assetchain.