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P2p / dht communication framework.


pub use kitsune_p2p_types::dht_arc;


Definitions related to the KitsuneP2p peer-to-peer / dht communications actor.

Data structures to be stored in the agent/peer database.

re-exported dependencies

Definitions for events emited from the KitsuneP2p actor.

Fixturator definitions for kitsune_p2p.

Various gossip strategies for kitsune

KitsuneP2p Wire Protocol Encoding Decoding


A simple wrapper around the [AdaptorFactory] to allow implementing Debug and PartialEq.

Distinguish multiple agents within the same network module.

The basis hash/coordinate when identifying a neighborhood.

Top-level “KitsuneDataHash” items are buckets of related meta-data. These metadata “Operations” each also have unique OpHashes.

Configure the kitsune actor

A cryptographic signature.

Distinguish multiple categories of communication within the same network module.


The type of gossip module running this gossip.

KitsuneP2p Error Type.

Method for connecting to other peers and broadcasting our AgentInfo

Whether we are willing to proxy on behalf of others

Proxy configuration options

Configure the network bindings for underlying kitsune transports


TODO - FIXME - holochain bootstrap should not be encoded in kitsune The default production bootstrap service url.

TODO - FIXME - holochain bootstrap should not be encoded in kitsune The default development bootstrap service url.


Kitsune hashes are expected to be 36 bytes. The first 32 bytes are the proper hash. The final 4 bytes are a hash-of-the-hash that can be treated like a u32 “location”.


Spawn a new KitsuneP2p actor.

Type Definitions

Result Type