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keytar bindings for Rust

A native Node module to get, add, replace, and delete passwords in system’s keychain. On macOS the passwords are managed by the Keychain, on Linux they are managed by the Secret Service API/libsecret, and on Windows they are managed by Credential Vault.

let service = "service";
let account = "account";
let password = "password";

keytar::set_password(service, account, password).unwrap();

Linux Requirement

Currently this library uses libsecret. Depending on your distribution, you will need to install the appropriate package, e.g.:

  • Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-dev
  • Red Hat-based: sudo yum install libsecret-devel
  • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S libsecret


Workaround until cxx supports Options


Delete the stored password for the service and account.

Find a password for the service in the keychain.

Get the stored password for the service and account.

Save the password for the service and account to the keychain. Adds a new entry if necessary, or updates an existing entry if one exists.