Module kepler_backoff::backoff

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A backoff algorithm that exponentially increases the time between attempts.

Backoff is a technique that can be used to implement retries with increasing intervals between attempts. This can be useful for operations that are likely to fail temporarily, such as network requests or database queries.

This backoff algorithm works by starting with a minimum interval and multiplying that interval by a factor after each attempt. The maximum interval can be specified to prevent the interval from growing too large.

The backoff algorithm also supports jitter, which adds a random amount of time to the interval. This can help to reduce contention between multiple clients that are retrying the same operation.

To use the backoff algorithm, simply create a new instance and call the duration() method to get the next interval. If you need to retry an operation, call the duration() method again and wait for the interval to elapse before trying again.


  • A backoff strategy that provides durations for retrying operations with exponential backoff.