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A Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) implementing embedded-hal traits for the NXP KEA64 (SKEAZN642) family of MCUs. This HAL depends upon the SKEAZN642 Peripheral Access Crate. The intent is to expand this HAL to cover all MCUs in the KEA family

KEA64 Module Functional Categories

This is how NXP grouped the peripheral modules in this sub-family of devices. The crate won’t necessarily follow this layout, as it makes more sense to be as similar and idiomatic as is reasonable to other HAL crates. This is left in NXP’s order largely to understand their resoning. This hierarchy will be deleted or modified to match implementation once this HAL is in a production-ready state.

  • Core - The ARMv6 Cortex-M core
    • NVIC - Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller
    • AWIC - Asynchronous Wakeup Interrupt Controller
    • IOPORT - Single Cycle I/O. Used by Fast GPIO (FGPIO) module
    • SWD - Single Wire Debug
  • System
    • SIM - system integration module
    • PMC - Power management and mode controller
    • MCM - Misc. control module
    • BME - Bit manipulation engine. Atomic Read/Modify/Write operations
    • AIPS - Peripheral bridge. Interfaces ARM AHB with Peripherals
    • WDOG - Watchdog
  • Memory - Flash, EEPROM, SRAM. FTMRH peripheral used for interaction
  • Clocks
    • OSC
      • External Crystal Oscillator / Resonator
      • External Clock
    • ICS - Interal Clock Reference. 31.25 - 39.0625kHz Oscillator
    • LPO - 1kHZ Low Power Oscillator
    • Frequency-Locked Loop
  • Security
    • WDOG - Watchdog with independent clock source
    • CRC module (error detection)
  • Analog
    • ADC - 12 bit, 16 channels
    • 2x ACMP - Analog comparators
    • DAC - 6-bit (64-tap) resistor ladder network.
  • Timers
    • FTM
      • One 6-channel FlexTimer, full featured
      • Two 2-channel FlexTimer, basic TPM function
    • 2x PIT - Periodic Interrupt Timer
    • RTC - real time clock
    • SysTick - System Tick Timer
  • Communications
    • 2x SPI - 8 bit serial peripheral interfaces
    • I2C - Inter-integrated circuit
    • 3x UART (up to, some devices may have less)
  • HMI
    • GPIO
    • 2x KBI - Key board interrupt
    • IRQ - Interrupts


pub extern crate cortex_m;
pub extern crate embedded_hal as hal;
pub extern crate embedded_hal_alpha as hal_alpha;
pub extern crate nb;
pub extern crate SKEAZN642 as pac;
pub extern crate void;



Clocks meta-module


GPIO Pheripheral


State of Peripheral


Port peripheral module.


module to include background types or something idk


System Meta-Module



Core peripherals



This trait implements split method onto PAC peripheral structs.