pub use error::Error;
pub use error::LoadError;


This module contains the resolve logic, which uses the configuration registry, it’s items and it’s evaluator to resolve dependencies.
This file implements errors returned from the kconfig representation


The ConfigRegistry is used to create a registry, which allows reading and writing a configuration to and from a .config file as defined by a Kconfig file. To present the menu, a frontend is necessary to represent the state of the registry.
A Hexadecimal type is basically a wrapper around usize with it’s own display logic embedded into it.
Descriptor information contains the “help” text of a menu item. (where applicable). It also contains a item reference, to be able to lookup the originating item.
A tristate type is basically a bool wrapped in an option, where None represents ‘m’, or the ‘maybe’ state.
An evaluated value represents the value of a an expression after evaluation.


Determines the type, and name of a given menu item. This can either be