pub struct KaTeXOptions {
    pub display_mode: bool,
    pub left_equation_numbers: bool,
    pub flush_left_equations: bool,
    pub throw_on_error: bool,
    pub min_rule_thickness: f64,
    pub max_size: f64,
    pub max_expand: i32,
    pub strict: bool,
    pub trust: bool,
    pub global_group: bool,
    /* private fields */
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Read https://katex.org/docs/options.html for more information.


display_mode: bool

Whether to render the math in the display mode.

left_equation_numbers: bool

If true, display math has \tags rendered on the left instead of the right.
like \usepackage[leqno]{amsmath} in LaTeX.

flush_left_equations: bool

If true, display math renders flush left with a 2em left margin
like \documentclass[fleqn] in LaTeX with the amsmath package.

throw_on_error: bool

Whether to let KaTeX throw a ParseError for invalid LaTeX.

min_rule_thickness: f64

Color used for invalid LaTeX. Specifies a minimum thickness, in ems.

max_size: f64

Max size for user-specified sizes. If set to None, users can make elements and spaces arbitrarily large.

max_expand: i32

Limit the number of macro expansions to the specified number. If set to None, the macro expander will try to fully expand as in LaTeX.

strict: bool

strict mode

trust: bool

Whether to trust users’ input. Cannot be assigned at the same time with [OptsBuilder::trust_callback].

global_group: bool



Set output as \displaystyle

Set output as \inlinestyle

Render formulas to html string.

Determines the markup language of the output.
The valid choices are:

  • html: Outputs KaTeX in HTML only.
  • mathml: Outputs KaTeX in MathML only.
  • htmlAndMathml: Outputs HTML for visual rendering and includes MathML for accessibility. This is the default.

Set the color of the error message.

Insert a custom macro.

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