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KAS-text: text layout library

KAS-text supports plain text input, custom formatted text objects (see the format module) and a subset of Markdown (format::Markdown, feature-gated).

The library also supports glyph rastering (depending on feature flags).


Font selection and loading

Parsers for formatted text

Support for rastering glyphs


Scale factor: pixels per font unit

Effect formatting marker

Text effects

Environment in which text is prepared for display

A positioned glyph

A type-safe wrapper for glyph ID.

Used to return the position of a glyph with associated metrics

Error returned on operations if not ready

An iterator over a Vec which clones elements

Range type

Text, prepared for display in a given environment

Text display, without source text representation

2D vector (position/size/offset) over f32


Describes required text-preparation actions

Alignment of contents

Directionality of text


Trait over a sub-set of Text functionality for editable text

Trait over a sub-set of Text functionality

Extension trait over TextApi