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Kaolinite is an advanced library that handles the backend of a terminal text editor. You can feel free to make your own terminal text editor using kaolinite, or see the reference implementation found under the directory examples/cactus.

It’ll handle things like

  • Opening and saving files
  • Handle documents that are too long to be fitted on the whole terminal
  • Rendering line numbers
  • Insertion and deletion from the document
  • File type detection
  • Undo & Redo
  • Moving around the document, by word, page, character or other means
  • Searching & Replacing
  • Handles tabs, different line endings and double width characters perfectly
  • File buffering for larger files

It removes a lot of complexity from your text editor and allows the creation of an advanced text editor in very few lines of idiomatic code.

To get started, check out the Document struct, which will allow you to open, edit and save documents. I also highly recommend that you check out examples/cactus/src/ which is a full implementation of kaolinite, and can be used as a base for your very own editor. It’s well documented and explains what it’s doing.




  • Utility for easily forming a regular expression from a string