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JTAG access to CMSIS-DAP compatible probes.



This module contains convenience functions for manipulating Vec and &bool.


The DAP module implements the CMSIS-DAP commands relevant to JTAG programming, formatting them into packets which can be exchanged with the Probe module to control the CMSIS-DAP probe.


This module implements JTAG functionality on top of the DAP_JTAG_Sequence command provided by the DAP module.


This is the lowest-level module. It is responsible for scanning the USB bus to find a CMSIS-DAP probe, and reading and writing packets to it. Both CMSIS-DAP v1 and v2 probes are supported; v1 probes use hidapi to communicate with HID reports, while v2 probes use rusb to directly read/write the v2 bulk endpoint.