Struct jsonrpsee_http_server::AccessControlBuilder[][src]

pub struct AccessControlBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

Convenience builder pattern


impl AccessControlBuilder[src]

pub fn new() -> AccessControlBuilder[src]

Create a new builder for AccessControl.

pub fn allow_host(self, host: Host) -> AccessControlBuilder[src]

Configure allow host.

pub fn cors_allow_origin(
    allow_origin: AccessControlAllowOrigin
) -> AccessControlBuilder

Configure CORS origin.

pub fn cors_max_age(self, max_age: u32) -> AccessControlBuilder[src]

Configure CORS max age.

pub fn cors_allow_header(self, header: String) -> AccessControlBuilder[src]

Configure which CORS header that is allowed.

pub fn continue_on_invalid_cors(
    continue_on_invalid_cors: bool
) -> AccessControlBuilder

Enable or disable to continue with invalid CORS.

pub fn build(self) -> AccessControl[src]


Trait Implementations

impl Default for AccessControlBuilder[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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