[][src]Macro jrpc_macro::rpc_api

rpc_api!() { /* proc-macro */ }

Wraps around one or more API definitions and generates an enum.

The format within this macro must be:

This example is not tested
    Foo { ... }
    pub(crate) Bar { ... }

The Foo and Bar are identifiers, optionally prefixed with a visibility modifier (e.g. pub).

The content of the blocks is the same as the content of a trait definition, except that default implementations for methods are forbidden.

For each identifier (such as Foo and Bar in the example above), this macro will generate an enum where each variant corresponds to a function of the definition. Function names are turned into PascalCase to conform to the Rust style guide.

Each generated enum has a next_request method whose signature is:

This example is not tested
async fn next_request(server: &'a mut jsonrpsee::raw::RawServer<R, I>) -> Result<Foo<'a, R, I>, std::io::Error>;

This method lets you grab the next request incoming from a server, and parse it to match of the function definitions. Invalid requests are automatically handled.

Additionally, each generated enum has one method per function definition that lets you perform the method has a client.