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A simple JSON file store written in Rust. This is a port and drop-in replacement of the Node.js library json-file-store.

WARNING: Don't use it if you want to persist a large amount of objects. Use a real DB instead.


extern crate jfs;
extern crate serde_derive;
use jfs::Store;

struct Foo {
  foo: String

pub fn main() {
   let db = Store::new("data").unwrap();
   let f = Foo { foo: "bar".to_owned() };
   let id =;
   let obj = db.get::<Foo>(&id).unwrap();

You can also store all data in one single JSON-File:

let mut cfg = jfs::Config::default();
cfg.single = true; // false is default
let db = jfs::Store::new_with_cfg("data",cfg);

If you like to pretty print the file content, set pretty to true and choose a number of whitespaces for the indention:

let mut cfg = jfs::Config::default();
cfg.pretty = true;  // false is default
cfg.indent = 4;     // 2 is default