[][src]Function jemallocator::ffi::malloc_stats_print

pub unsafe extern "C" fn malloc_stats_print(
    write_cb: extern "C" fn(*mut c_void, *const i8),
    cbopaque: *mut c_void,
    opts: *const i8

Writes summary statistics via the write_cb callback function pointer and cbopaque data passed to write_cb, or malloc_message if write_cb is null.

The statistics are presented in human-readable form unless “J” is specified as a character within the opts string, in which case the statistics are presented in JSON format.

This function can be called repeatedly.

General information that never changes during execution can be omitted by specifying g as a character within the opts string.

Note that malloc_message uses the mallctl* functions internally, so inconsistent statistics can be reported if multiple threads use these functions simultaneously.

If the Cargo feature stats is enabled, m, d, and a can be specified to omit merged arena, destroyed merged arena, and per arena statistics, respectively; b and l can be specified to omit per size class statistics for bins and large objects, respectively; x can be specified to omit all mutex statistics. Unrecognized characters are silently ignored.

Note that thread caching may prevent some statistics from being completely up to date, since extra locking would be required to merge counters that track thread cache operations.