Function itertools::multizip [] [src]

pub fn multizip<T, U>(t: U) -> Zip<T> where
    Zip<T>: From<U>,
    Zip<T>: Iterator

An iterator that generalizes .zip() and allows running multiple iterators in lockstep.

The iterator Zip<(I, J, ..., M)> is formed from a tuple of iterators (or values that implement IntoIterator) and yields elements until any of the subiterators yields None.

The iterator element type is a tuple like like (A, B, ..., E) where A to E are the element types of the subiterator.

use itertools::multizip;

// Iterate over three sequences side-by-side
let mut xs = [0, 0, 0];
let ys = [69, 107, 101];

for (i, a, b) in multizip((0..100, &mut xs, &ys)) {
   *a = i ^ *b;

assert_eq!(xs, [69, 106, 103]);