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Issue states

This library serves as a reference implementation for the concept of "issue states": issues in an issue tracker are assigned an IssueState each, based on Conditions associated with each state. The conditions represent predicates on issues or their metadata.

Users of this library will implement the trait Condition, which links the user's issue-type (or, for example, a type representing an issue's metadata) to the IssueStates provided by this library.

Given some issue-states, an IssueStateSet may be constructed. This type allows resolving a given issue's state, honouring relations between the states contained in the set.

IssueStates, and an IssueStateSet, may be constructed by the library's user manually. However, this library also provides means for parsing an IssueStateSet directly from a byte-stream. Currently, only the YAML format is supported (if this library is compiled with support for yaml-rust enabled).


pub use error::Result;
pub use resolution::IssueStateSet;
pub use condition::Condition;
pub use state::IssueState;



Issue states and conditions


Obligatory error module


State resolution facilities


Issue states and conditions