Module ironoxide::blocking

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Blocking variant of IronOxide

These synchronous functions will block the current thread to execute instead of returning futures that need to be executed on a runtime. In every other way, they are identical to their asynchronous counterparts.


This requires the optional blocking feature to be enabled.


  • Struct that is used to make authenticated requests to the IronCore API. Instantiated with the details of an account’s various ids, device, and signing keys. Once instantiated all operations will be performed in the context of the account provided. Identical to IronOxide but also contains a Runtime.


  • Initialize the BlockingIronOxide SDK with a device. Verifies that the provided user/segment exists and the provided device keys are valid and exist for the provided account. If successful, returns instance of the BlockingIronOxide SDK.
  • Initialize the BlockingIronOxide SDK and check to see if the user that owns this DeviceContext is marked for private key rotation, or if any of the groups that the user is an admin of are marked for private key rotation.