[]Enum ironoxide::IronOxideErr

pub enum IronOxideErr {
    WrongSizeError(Option<usize>, Option<usize>),
    RequestError {
        message: String,
        code: RequestErrorCode,
        http_status: Option<u16>,
    RequestServerErrors {
        errors: Vec<ServerError>,
        code: RequestErrorCode,
        http_status: Option<u16>,

Errors generated by IronOxide SDK operations


ValidationError(StringString)DocumentHeaderParseFailure(String)WrongSizeError(Option<usize>, Option<usize>)KeyGenerationErrorAesError(Unspecified)AesEncryptedDocSizeErrorInvalidRecryptEncryptedValue(String)RecryptError(String)UserDoesNotExist(String)InitializeErrorRequestError

Fields of RequestError

message: Stringcode: RequestErrorCodehttp_status: Option<u16>

This is used if the response from the server was an error. In that case we know that the format of the errors will be ServerError.

Fields of RequestServerErrors

errors: Vec<ServerError>code: RequestErrorCodehttp_status: Option<u16>

The operation failed because the accessing user was not a group admin, but must be for the operation to work.


Protobuf encode/decode error


Protobuf decode succeeded, but the result is not valid

Trait Implementations

impl From<Unspecified> for IronOxideErr[src]

impl From<ProtobufError> for IronOxideErr[src]

impl From<RecryptErr> for IronOxideErr[src]

impl From<NonEmptyVecError> for IronOxideErr[src]

impl From<IronOxideErr> for String[src]

A way to turn IronSdkErr into Strings for the Java binding

impl Display for IronOxideErr

impl Debug for IronOxideErr[src]

impl Error for IronOxideErr

fn source(&self) -> Option<&(dyn Error + 'static)>1.30.0[src]

The lower-level source of this error, if any. Read more

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