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Description of an IRMA credential to be issued. The issuing IRMA server requires the private key of the issuer to be present to be able to issue a credential.

Builder for an IRMA credential

A disclosed attribute

Build a disclosure request

An IRMA request extended with extra information for the server on how to execute it. (Note: this interface is unstable, and might change significantly in the future)

Client for interacting with an irma server

Builder for IRMA clients

Build a request to issue one or more credentials

The information contained in the QR displayed to the end user

Information received on session start

Results of a session

Token used to identify individual sessions on the server

Build a signature request

String that can be displayed in multiple languages


Representation of a request for a single specific attribute

Status of an disclosed attribute

Errors resulting from IrmaClient operations

IRMA session requests

Status of an IRMA proof

Status of an IRMA session

Type of an IRMA session

Type Definitions

Basic structure of an IRMA disclosure request, a conjunction of disjunctions of inner conjunctions. Examples on how to use this can be found at