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This library provides pretty much anything you could need to work with Iota. The documentation is a work in progress, but if you need any help I can usually be found on the Iota discord rust or development chats.

Heres a quick example of how to send a transaction (Note that trytes is being used as a seed here...don't do that)

 extern crate iota_lib_rs;
 extern crate futures;

 use iota_lib_rs::iota_api;
 use iota_lib_rs::options::SendTransferOptions;
 use iota_lib_rs::utils::trytes_converter;
 use iota_lib_rs::model::*;

 use futures::executor::block_on;
 use futures::executor::ThreadPool;
 use futures::task::SpawnExt;

 fn main() {
     let message = trytes_converter::to_trytes("Hello World").unwrap();
     let mut transfer = Transfer::default();
     *transfer.value_mut() = 0;
     *transfer.address_mut() = trytes.to_string();
     *transfer.message_mut() = message;
     let api = iota_api::API::new("https://pow3.iota.community");
     let options = SendTransferOptions{
         threads: None,
         inputs: None,
         reference: None,
         remainder_address: None,
         security: None,
         hmac_key: None,
    // If you want to do this synchronously and block on the send_transfers call
    let mut tx = block_on(api.send_transfers(vec![transfer.clone()], trytes.to_string(), 3, 14, true, options.clone())).unwrap();
    println!("{:?}", tx);

    // Create thread pool
    let mut thread_pool = ThreadPool::new().expect("Failed to create threadpool");
    // Spawn async request on pool
    let h = thread_pool.spawn_with_handle(async move {
         await!(api.send_transfers(vec![transfer], trytes.to_string(), 3, 14, true, options)).unwrap()
    // Wait for completion
    tx = thread_pool.run(h);

    println!("{:?}", tx);



Provides all crypto algorithms and data structures used by Iota


Provides helper functions that make interacting with IRI easier


Provides methods to call IRI APIs


Provides the various struces used by Iota


Provides multi-sig functionality


Provides options structs for use throughout API


Provides many useful helper functions that are used throughout the library

Type Definitions


This is the result type used throughout the library