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A general purpose IOTA client library for interaction with the IOTA network (Tangle)

High-level functions are accessible via the Client.

Sending a message with an indexation payload

let iota = Client::builder()

let message = iota

println!("Message sent {}",;


pub use bee_common as common;
pub use bee_message;
pub use bee_pow as pow;
pub use bee_rest_api;
pub use builder::ClientBuilder;
pub use client::*;
pub use crypto;
pub use error::*;


High level APIs

Builder of the Client Instance

The Client module to connect through HORNET or Bee with API usages

Error handling in iota-client crate.

Iota node APIs

The node manager that takes care of sending requests and quroum if enabled


The outputs query options.

A seed is an arbitrary bytestring used to create the root of the tree.

A parsed URL record.


Output type filter.