Module interval::interval_set[][src]

Closed and bounded generic interval set.

It stores intervals in a set. The main advantage is the exact representation of an interval by allowing "holes". For example [1..2] U [5..6] is stored as {[1..2], [5..6]}. This structure is more space-efficient than a classic set collection (such as BTreeSet) if the data stored are mostly contiguous. Of course, it is less light-weight than interval, but we keep the list of intervals as small as possible by merging overlapping intervals.

extern crate gcollections;
extern crate interval;

use interval::interval_set::*;
use gcollections::ops::*;

let a = vec![(1,2), (6,10)].to_interval_set();
let b = vec![(3,5), (7,7)].to_interval_set();
let a_union_b = vec![(1,5), (6,10)].to_interval_set();
let a_intersect_b = vec![(7,7)].to_interval_set();

assert_eq!(a.union(&b), a_union_b);
assert_eq!(a.intersection(&b), a_intersect_b);

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