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This is the API documentation for the Instrumentality server. It contains technical details about the internal operation of Instrumentality, and is solely aimed at developers looking to understand or extend the server’s capabilities.

You can find documentation on installation and running the server at:

Instrumentality makes heavy use of Axum and MongoDB. MongoDB is probably not the correct choice for this system at scale, and a re-write using PostgreSQL would likely be more performant. However, whilst iterating, being able to add and remove fields ad-hoc is useful.


  • Functions for the configuration file.
  • Data enums for content, presence and profile metadata.
  • Database functions and implementations for Instrumentality.
  • Groups for organisitions of subjects.
  • Routes for Axum.
  • Server functions for building Instrumentality.
  • Subjects for organisation of profiles.
  • Basic user concepts for Instrumentality.