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inquire is a library for building interactive prompts on terminals.

It provides several different prompts in order to interactively ask the user for information via the CLI. With inquire, you can use:

  • Text to get text input from the user, with built-in autocompletion support;
  • Editor* to get longer text inputs by opening a text editor for the user;
  • DateSelect* to get a date input from the user, selected via an interactive calendar;
  • Select to ask the user to select one option from a given list;
  • MultiSelect to ask the user to select an arbitrary number of options from a given list;
  • Confirm for simple yes/no confirmation prompts;
  • CustomType for text prompts that you would like to parse to a custom type, such as numbers or UUIDs;
  • Password for secretive text prompts.

Check out the GitHub repository to see demos of what you can do with inquire.


  • Cross-platform, supporting UNIX and Windows terminals (thanks to crossterm);
  • Several kinds of prompts to suit your needs;
  • Standardized error handling (thanks to thiserror);
  • Support for fine-grained configuration for each prompt type, allowing you to customize:
    • Default values;
    • Input validators and formatters;
    • Help messages;
    • Autocompletion for Text prompts;
    • Custom list filters for Select and MultiSelect prompts;
    • Custom parsers for Confirm and CustomType prompts;
    • Custom extensions for files created by Editor prompts;
    • and many others!

* Date-related features are available by enabling the date feature.

Simple Example

use inquire::{Text, validator::{StringValidator, Validation}};

fn main() {
    let validator = |input: &str| if input.chars().count() > 140 {
        Ok(Validation::Invalid("You're only allowed 140 characters.".into()))
    } else {

    let status = Text::new("What are you thinking about?")

    match status {
        Ok(status) => println!("Your status is being published..."),
        Err(err) => println!("Error while publishing your status: {}", err),



  • Trait and structs used by prompts to provide autocompletion features.
  • Definitions of inquire’s error handling
  • Type aliases and default implementations for functions called as formatters of a given input.
  • Utilities used to wrap user selections in Select and MultiSelect prompts.
  • Type aliases and default implementations for parsers called in prompts that need to parse user input, such as Confirm or CustomType.
  • General type aliases.
  • UI-related definitions for rendered content.
  • Traits and structs used by prompts to validate user input before returning the values to their callers.



  • Prompt to ask the user for simple yes/no questions, commonly known by asking the user displaying the (y/n) text.
  • Generic prompt suitable for when you need to parse the user input into a specific type, for example an f64 or a rust_decimal, maybe even an uuid.
  • Prompt that allows user to select a date (time not supported) from an interactive calendar. Available via the date feature.
  • This prompt is meant for cases where you need the user to write some text that might not fit in a single line, such as long descriptions or commit messages.
  • Prompt suitable for when you need the user to select many options (including none if applicable) among a list of them.
  • Prompt meant for secretive text inputs.
  • Prompt suitable for when you need the user to select one option among many.
  • Standard text prompt that returns the user string input.



  • Acquires a write lock to the global RenderConfig object and updates the inner value with the provided argument.