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An RGBA Color backed by a u32.


type RGBA = inku::Color<inku::RGBA>;

let color = RGBA::new(0x000000ff);
let new_color = color
    // Lighten the color by 10%
    // Saturate the color by 30%

assert_eq!(new_color.to_u32(), 0x201111ff);

// 4 bytes
assert_eq!(4, std::mem::size_of::<RGBA>());

Storage Formats

An RGBA color backed by a u32.

There are multiple storage formats to choose from, ZRGB and RGBA. These determine how the underlying u32 is laid out.

type RGBA = inku::Color<inku::RGBA>;
type ZRGB = inku::Color<inku::ZRGB>;

assert_eq!(RGBA::new(0xfacadeff).to_u32(), 0xfacadeff);

// NOTE: The high byte is zeroed out
assert_eq!(ZRGB::new(0xfffacade).to_u32(), 0x00facade);

Manipulations are lossy

Because we’re representing the colour with a u32, manipulations are not reversible. Consider the following:

type RGBA = inku::Color<inku::RGBA>;
let color = RGBA::new(0xfacadeff);

// We convert the RGB values to HSL and desaturated the color
let desaturated_color = color.desaturate(0.1);
assert_eq!(0xf7ccdeff, desaturated_color.to_u32());

// We don't know what our original hue was, so we can't get back to the original color
let resaturated_color = desaturated_color.saturate(0.1);
assert_eq!(0xf9c9ddff, resaturated_color.to_u32());


An RGBA color backed by a u32.

RGBA storage format.

ZRGB (0RGB) storage format.