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Defines a unit test that makes use of ink!’s off-chain testing capabilities.

If your unit test does not require the existence of an off-chain environment it is fine to not use this macro since it bears some overhead with the test.

Note that this macro is not required to run unit tests that require ink!’s off-chain testing capabilities but merely improves code readability.

How do you find out if your test requires the off-chain environment?

Normally if the test recursively uses or invokes some contract methods that call a method defined in self.env() or Self::env().

An examples is the following:

let caller: AccountId = self.env().caller();


mod tests {
    // Conventional unit test that works with assertions.
    fn test1() {
        // test code comes here as usual

    // Conventional unit test that returns some Result.
    // The test code can make use of operator-`?`.
    fn test2() -> Result<(), ink_env::Error> {
        // test code that returns a Rust Result type