pub extern crate serde;
pub use qualifiable::Qualifiable;
pub use indy_wql as wql;


base58 encoding and decoding

Indy DID representation and derivation

Hash algorithms

Indy signing keys and verification keys

Trait for qualifiable identifier types, having an optional prefix and method

Generation of normalized ledger transaction for signing


Derive a new hash type

Macro to return a new ValidationError with an optional message

Derive a new handle type having an atomically increasing sequence number

Derive a new Qualifiable string type

Used to optionally add Serialize and Deserialize traits to Qualifiable types


Error type for general data conversion errors

Error type for failure of encryption and decryption operations

Error type for eventualities that shouldn’t normally occur

Error type for failures of Validatable::validate


Trait for data types which need validation after being loaded from external sources