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Statistics, Vector Algebra, Characterising Multidimensional Data, Machine Learning, Data Analysis


Implementation of trait Indices for &[usize]

Implementation of trait Mutsort for &mut[T]. Mutable hashsort.

Utilities for serializing, writing and printing (optionally in colours) generic vectors.

Implementation of trait Vecops for &[T]


Macro here!() gives &str with the file:line path::function-name of where it was called from.


struct for minimum value, its index, maximum value, its index


Methods to manipulate indices of Vec<usize> type.

Mutable Hash Sort of &mut[T]

Trait to serialize slices of generic items &[T] (vectors) and slices of Vecs of generic items &Vec (matrices). All are converted into printable strings and optionally coloured. Also, methods to serialize and render the resulting string in bold ANSI terminal colours.

Methods to manipulate generic Vecs and slices of type &[T]


Helper function to copy and cast entire &[T] to Vec. Like the standard .to_vec() method but also recasts to f64 end type