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Indexed Line Reader

IndexedLineReader implements the Seek trait to allow seeking to specific lines

Index Granularity

IndexedLineReader just stores a byte count every n lines to allow fast seeking by line. The granularity can be configured by passing the valut to the IndexedLineReader constructor.

There is a tradeoff to make between memory occupied by the index and the seek speed, in general lower granularity means more line indexed and higher memory consumption, but fast seek time, while a higher granularity slows down the seek time but less indexes are kept in memory.

As an example, if a file has 100,000,000 lines, usually a granularity of 100,000 gives a good tradeoff between performance and memory consumption.


extern crate indexed_line_reader;

use indexed_line_reader::*;
use std::fs::*;
use std::io::{BufRead, BufReader, Seek, SeekFrom, Write};

/* Creates an IndexedLineReader for a file with index granularity of 100 */
let file_reader = OpenOptions::new().read(true).open("file.txt").expect("Unable to open file reader");
let mut indexed_line_reader = &mut IndexedLineReader::new(BufReader::new(file_reader), 100);

/* Seeks to line 100 from the start of the file */

/* Seeks forward by 50 lines from the current position on the file */

/* Seeks backward by 50 lines from the current position on the file */

/* Seeks to the 100th line from the end on the file */