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Proof of concept functions for (mutably) accessing a slice at multiple positions at once via an array of indices.

Provided APIs

This crate implements two APIs:

  • “simple”: accepts a sorted array [usize; N] of indices.
  • “simple_result”: accepts a sorted array [usize; N] of indices, but with an Result based API.
  • “slice_index”: accepts a sorted array [I; N] of indices, where I: SliceIndex<[T]>.
  • “generic”: uses a generic I: Indices<N> that allows for more flexibility.


use index_many::generic::index_many_mut;

let mut v = vec![1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
let [a, b, c] = index_many_mut(&mut v, [0, 2, 4]);
*a += 10;
*b += 100;
*c += 1000;
assert_eq!(v, vec![11, 2, 103, 4, 1005]);

Example codegen

pub fn example(slice: &mut [usize], indices: [usize; 3]) -> [&mut usize; 3] {
    index_many::generic::index_many_mut(slice, indices)
 sub     rsp, 56
 mov     r10, qword, ptr, [r9]
 mov     rax, qword, ptr, [r9, +, 8]
 mov     r9, qword, ptr, [r9, +, 16]
 cmp     r9, r8
 jae     .LBB0_3
 cmp     r10, rax
 jae     .LBB0_3
 cmp     rax, r9
 jae     .LBB0_3
 lea     r8, [rdx, +, 8*r10]
 lea     rax, [rdx, +, 8*rax]
 lea     rdx, [rdx, +, 8*r9]
 mov     qword, ptr, [rcx], r8
 mov     qword, ptr, [rcx, +, 8], rax
 mov     qword, ptr, [rcx, +, 16], rdx
 mov     rax, rcx
 add     rsp, 56
 mov     qword, ptr, [rsp, +, 32], r10
 mov     qword, ptr, [rsp, +, 40], rax
 mov     qword, ptr, [rsp, +, 48], r9
 lea     rcx, [rsp, +, 32]
 mov     edx, 3
 call    index_many::sorted_bound_check_failed



A generic variant of the API, that can be indexed by any type implementing Indices<N>.


A simple variant of the API, that expects an array of [usize; N] indices.


A variant of the simple API that returns a Result instead.


A variant of the API that also works with ranges.