[][src]Trait incoming::IntoIncoming

pub trait IntoIncoming<S, C, E> where
    S: Stream<Item = Result<C, E>> + Send + 'static,
    C: AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin + Send,
    E: Into<Box<dyn Error + Sync + Send + 'static>> + Debug + Unpin + Send
{ fn into_incoming(self) -> S; }

Provide a version of .incoming() that takes ownership of self.

Required methods

fn into_incoming(self) -> S

Consume self, returning a Stream which yields connections (impl AsyncRead + AsyncWrite).

The underlying implementation uses [futures_util::stream::poll_fn].

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl IntoIncoming<Pin<Box<dyn Stream<Item = Result<TcpStream, Error>> + 'static + Send>>, TcpStream, Error> for TcpListener[src]

impl IntoIncoming<Pin<Box<dyn Stream<Item = Result<UnixStream, Error>> + 'static + Send>>, UnixStream, Error> for UnixListener[src]

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