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An extension to the include_str!() and include_bytes!() macro for embedding an entire directory tree into your binary.


The include_dir!() macro will include a directory relative to the project root (using the CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR variable), in this example the source code for the include_dir crate has been included inside itself.

use include_dir::{include_dir, Dir};
use std::path::Path;

const PROJECT_DIR: Dir = include_dir!(".");

// of course, you can retrieve a file by its full path
let lib_rs = PROJECT_DIR.get_file("src/").unwrap();

// you can also inspect the file's contents
let body = lib_rs.contents_utf8().unwrap();

// if you enable the `search` feature, you can for files (and directories) using glob patterns
#[cfg(feature = "search")]
    let glob = "**/*.rs";
    for entry in PROJECT_DIR.find(glob).unwrap() {
        println!("Found {}", entry.path().display());


This library exposes a couple feature flags for enabling and disabling extra functionality. These are:

  • example: compile in an example of the embedded directory tree


A directory entry.

A file with its contents stored in a &'static [u8].


Entries returned by the Globs iterator


Example the output generated when running include_dir!() on itself.