[][src]Struct imgui_sys::ImGuiIO

pub struct ImGuiIO {
    pub ConfigFlags: ImGuiConfigFlags,
    pub BackendFlags: ImGuiBackendFlags,
    pub DisplaySize: ImVec2,
    pub DeltaTime: f32,
    pub IniSavingRate: f32,
    pub IniFilename: *const c_char,
    pub LogFilename: *const c_char,
    pub MouseDoubleClickTime: f32,
    pub MouseDoubleClickMaxDist: f32,
    pub MouseDragThreshold: f32,
    pub KeyMap: [c_int; 21],
    pub KeyRepeatDelay: f32,
    pub KeyRepeatRate: f32,
    pub UserData: *mut c_void,
    pub Fonts: *mut ImFontAtlas,
    pub FontGlobalScale: f32,
    pub FontAllowUserScaling: bool,
    pub FontDefault: *mut ImFont,
    pub DisplayFramebufferScale: ImVec2,
    pub MouseDrawCursor: bool,
    pub ConfigMacOSXBehaviors: bool,
    pub ConfigInputTextCursorBlink: bool,
    pub ConfigWindowsResizeFromEdges: bool,
    pub ConfigWindowsMoveFromTitleBarOnly: bool,
    pub BackendPlatformName: *const c_char,
    pub BackendRendererName: *const c_char,
    pub BackendPlatformUserData: *mut c_void,
    pub BackendRendererUserData: *mut c_void,
    pub BackendLanguageUserData: *mut c_void,
    pub GetClipboardTextFn: Option<unsafe extern "C" fn(user_data: *mut c_void) -> *const c_char>,
    pub SetClipboardTextFn: Option<unsafe extern "C" fn(user_data: *mut c_void, text: *const c_char)>,
    pub ClipboardUserData: *mut c_void,
    pub ImeSetInputScreenPosFn: Option<unsafe extern "C" fn(x: c_int, y: c_int)>,
    pub ImeWindowHandle: *mut c_void,
    pub RenderDrawListsFnUnused: *mut c_void,
    pub MousePos: ImVec2,
    pub MouseDown: [bool; 5],
    pub MouseWheel: f32,
    pub MouseWheelH: f32,
    pub KeyCtrl: bool,
    pub KeyShift: bool,
    pub KeyAlt: bool,
    pub KeySuper: bool,
    pub KeysDown: [bool; 512],
    pub NavInputs: [f32; 22],
    pub WantCaptureMouse: bool,
    pub WantCaptureKeyboard: bool,
    pub WantTextInput: bool,
    pub WantSetMousePos: bool,
    pub WantSaveIniSettings: bool,
    pub NavActive: bool,
    pub NavVisible: bool,
    pub Framerate: f32,
    pub MetricsRenderVertices: c_int,
    pub MetricsRenderIndices: c_int,
    pub MetricsRenderWindows: c_int,
    pub MetricsActiveWindows: c_int,
    pub MetricsActiveAllocations: c_int,
    pub MouseDelta: ImVec2,
    pub MousePosPrev: ImVec2,
    pub MouseClickedPos: [ImVec2; 5],
    pub MouseClickedTime: [f64; 5],
    pub MouseClicked: [bool; 5],
    pub MouseDoubleClicked: [bool; 5],
    pub MouseReleased: [bool; 5],
    pub MouseDownOwned: [bool; 5],
    pub MouseDownWasDoubleClick: [bool; 5],
    pub MouseDownDuration: [f32; 5],
    pub MouseDownDurationPrev: [f32; 5],
    pub MouseDragMaxDistanceAbs: [ImVec2; 5],
    pub MouseDragMaxDistanceSqr: [f32; 5],
    pub KeysDownDuration: [f32; 512],
    pub KeysDownDurationPrev: [f32; 512],
    pub NavInputsDownDuration: [f32; 22],
    pub NavInputsDownDurationPrev: [f32; 22],
    pub InputQueueCharacters: ImVector_ImWchar,


ConfigFlags: ImGuiConfigFlagsBackendFlags: ImGuiBackendFlagsDisplaySize: ImVec2DeltaTime: f32IniSavingRate: f32IniFilename: *const c_charLogFilename: *const c_charMouseDoubleClickTime: f32MouseDoubleClickMaxDist: f32MouseDragThreshold: f32KeyMap: [c_int; 21]KeyRepeatDelay: f32KeyRepeatRate: f32UserData: *mut c_voidFonts: *mut ImFontAtlasFontGlobalScale: f32FontAllowUserScaling: boolFontDefault: *mut ImFontDisplayFramebufferScale: ImVec2MouseDrawCursor: boolConfigMacOSXBehaviors: boolConfigInputTextCursorBlink: boolConfigWindowsResizeFromEdges: boolConfigWindowsMoveFromTitleBarOnly: boolBackendPlatformName: *const c_charBackendRendererName: *const c_charBackendPlatformUserData: *mut c_voidBackendRendererUserData: *mut c_voidBackendLanguageUserData: *mut c_voidGetClipboardTextFn: Option<unsafe extern "C" fn(user_data: *mut c_void) -> *const c_char>SetClipboardTextFn: Option<unsafe extern "C" fn(user_data: *mut c_void, text: *const c_char)>ClipboardUserData: *mut c_voidImeSetInputScreenPosFn: Option<unsafe extern "C" fn(x: c_int, y: c_int)>ImeWindowHandle: *mut c_voidRenderDrawListsFnUnused: *mut c_voidMousePos: ImVec2MouseDown: [bool; 5]MouseWheel: f32MouseWheelH: f32KeyCtrl: boolKeyShift: boolKeyAlt: boolKeySuper: boolKeysDown: [bool; 512]NavInputs: [f32; 22]WantCaptureMouse: boolWantCaptureKeyboard: boolWantTextInput: boolWantSetMousePos: boolWantSaveIniSettings: boolNavActive: boolNavVisible: boolFramerate: f32MetricsRenderVertices: c_intMetricsRenderIndices: c_intMetricsRenderWindows: c_intMetricsActiveWindows: c_intMetricsActiveAllocations: c_intMouseDelta: ImVec2MousePosPrev: ImVec2MouseClickedPos: [ImVec2; 5]MouseClickedTime: [f64; 5]MouseClicked: [bool; 5]MouseDoubleClicked: [bool; 5]MouseReleased: [bool; 5]MouseDownOwned: [bool; 5]MouseDownWasDoubleClick: [bool; 5]MouseDownDuration: [f32; 5]MouseDownDurationPrev: [f32; 5]MouseDragMaxDistanceAbs: [ImVec2; 5]MouseDragMaxDistanceSqr: [f32; 5]KeysDownDuration: [f32; 512]KeysDownDurationPrev: [f32; 512]NavInputsDownDuration: [f32; 22]NavInputsDownDurationPrev: [f32; 22]InputQueueCharacters: ImVector_ImWchar

Trait Implementations

impl Copy for ImGuiIO[src]

impl Default for ImGuiIO[src]

impl Clone for ImGuiIO[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)1.0.0[src]

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for ImGuiIO[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for ImGuiIO

impl Unpin for ImGuiIO

impl !Sync for ImGuiIO

impl UnwindSafe for ImGuiIO

impl RefUnwindSafe for ImGuiIO

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