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A rust image thinning library inspired by

A fast parallel algorithm for thinning digital patterns.

Research Abstract

A fast parallel thinning algorithm is proposed in this paper. It consists of two subiterations: one aimed at deleting the south-east boundary points and the north-west corner points while the other one is aimed at deleting the north-west boundary points and the south-east corner points. End points and pixel connectivity are preserved. Each pattern is thinned down to a "skeleton" of unitary thickness. Experimental results show that this method is very effective.


Add imgthin as a dependency to the Cargo.toml file.

To use the original algorithm from Zhang and Suen:-

# Cargo.toml

imgthin = "0.1.1"

To use the improved algorithm from Yung Sheng and Wen-Hsing:-

# Cargo.toml

imgthin = {version = "0.1.1", features=["improved_ysc_whh"]}


use imgthin::imgthin;

//    _________ Vec<Vec<bool>>
//    v
let thinned = imgthin(vec!(
    vec!(false, false, true, true, false),
    vec!(false, false, true, true, false),
    vec!(false, false, true, true, false)
)).expect("Can not thin the image.");