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image2 - a high-performance image processing library with wide support for a variety of file formats and data types

OpenImageIO is used for encoding and decoding images, it should be installed before building image2.

use image2::*;

fn main() -> Result<(), Error> {
    // Load an image from disk
    let image = Image::<f32, Rgb>::open("images/A.exr")?;

    // Apply a `Filter`, in this case using the `Convert` filter to
    // convert from `Rgb` to `Gray`
    let conv = filter::convert::<f32, Rgb, f32, Gray>();
    let mut dest = image.new_like_with_color::<Gray>();
    dest.apply(conv, &[&image]);

    // This is equivalent to:
    let conv = filter::convert();
    let dest: Image<f32, Gray> = image.run(conv, None);

    // Save an image to disk



pub use halide_runtime as halide;
pub use kernel::Kernel;
pub use transform::Transform;


Image processing filters

Image input/output

Convolutions kernels

Image transforms

Display images


A Filter that can be executed using async

async-friendly Pipeline

Four-channel, cyan, magenta, yellow and black

Wraps image data slices, tagging them with a Color type

Wraps mutable image data slices, tagging them with a Color type

Single-channel grayscale

Hash is used for content-based hashing

Image histogram

Three-channel hue, saturation and value color

Image type

Filter input

Image metadata

Pipelines are used to compose several filters

Normalized image data

Three-channel red, green, blue

Four-channel red, green, blue with alpha channel

Three-channel CIE-XYZ

16-bit float A 16-bit floating point type implementing the IEEE 754-2008 standard binary16 a.k.a half format.


AsyncMode is used to schedule the type of iteration for an AsyncFilter

Enumerates possible errors

Used to determine if a filter can be executed and interleaved at the pixel level or if the whole filter needs to be evaulated before moving to the next filter


Color trait is used to define color spaces

Filters are used to manipulate images in a generic, composable manner

Filter extension methods

Parallel version of the standard iterator trait.

Type is used to represent supported image data types

Type Definitions

Channel is an alias for usize used to identify channel values in function arguments

(x, y) coordinates

Region of interest

Image (width, height)