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This crate provides native rust implementations of image encoders and decoders and basic image manipulation functions.


pub use color::ColorType::Gray;
pub use color::ColorType::GrayA;
pub use color::ColorType::Palette;
pub use color::ColorType::RGB;
pub use color::ColorType::RGBA;
pub use color::ColorType::BGR;
pub use color::ColorType::BGRA;
pub use imageops::FilterType::CatmullRom;
pub use imageops::FilterType::Gaussian;
pub use imageops::FilterType::Lanczos3;
pub use imageops::FilterType::Nearest;
pub use imageops::FilterType::Triangle;
pub use image::ImageFormat::BMP;
pub use image::ImageFormat::GIF;
pub use image::ImageFormat::ICO;
pub use image::ImageFormat::JPEG;
pub use image::ImageFormat::PNG;
pub use image::ImageFormat::PNM;
pub use image::ImageFormat::WEBP;
pub use dynimage::DynamicImage::ImageLuma8;
pub use dynimage::DynamicImage::ImageLumaA8;
pub use dynimage::DynamicImage::ImageRgb8;
pub use dynimage::DynamicImage::ImageRgba8;
pub use dynimage::DynamicImage::ImageBgr8;
pub use dynimage::DynamicImage::ImageBgra8;


Decoding and Encoding of BMP Images
Decoding of DXT (S3TC) compression
Decoding of GIF Images
Decoding of Radiance HDR Images
Decoding and Encoding of ICO files
Image Processing Functions
Decoding and Encoding of JPEG Images
Mathematical helper functions and types.
Decoding and Encoding of PNG Images
Decoding of netpbm image formats (pbm, pgm, ppm and pam).
Decoding of TGA Images
Decoding and Encoding of TIFF Images
Decoding of Webp Images


BGR colors
BGR colors + alpha channel
A single animation frame
An implementation dependent iterator, reading the frames as requested
Generic image buffer
Grayscale colors
Grayscale colors + alpha channel
Mutable pixel iterator
Immutable pixel iterator
RGB colors
RGB colors + alpha channel
A View into another image


An enumeration over supported color types and their bit depths
A Dynamic Image
Available Sampling Filters
An enumeration of Image errors
An enumeration of supported image formats. Not all formats support both encoding and decoding.
An enumeration of supported image formats for encoding.


AnimationDecoder trait
Provides color conversions for whole image buffers.
A trait for manipulating images.
Trait to inspect an image.
The trait that all decoders implement
ImageDecoderExt trait
A generalized pixel.
Primitive trait from old stdlib


Guess image format from memory block
Create a new image from a Reader
Create a new image from a byte slice
Create a new image from a byte slice
Open the image located at the path specified. The image’s format is determined from the path’s file extension.
Saves the supplied buffer to a file at the path specified.

Type Definitions

Sendable grayscale + alpha channel image buffer
Sendable grayscale image buffer
Result of an image decoding/encoding process
Sendable Rgb image buffer
Sendable Rgb + alpha channel image buffer