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This crate implements the IL2 ILTags standard used by InterlockLedger from InterlockLedger Network.

The IL2 ILTags is a binary TLV (type, lenght and value) format designed to be easy to implement, lightweight and as compact as possible.

This implementation is loosely based on the C++ implementation of this standard available here.

Project location

This project is hosted at Github.


This library is licensed under a BSD 3-Clause.


  • Fabio Jun Takada Chino
  • Cesar Luiz Ferracin


This module contains the implementation of the IL2 ILInt standard as defined in ILInt Specification

This module implements the I/O abstraction used by this library. It allows the usage of multiple data sources and/or repositories to perform the operations.

This module contains the implementation of the IL2 ILTags standard.