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IOTA Identity - Account

The Account is an interface for creating and managing identities on the IOTA Tangle, handling publishing and secure storage automatically. It provides convenience functions for:

  • Creating and publishing a new IOTA DID.
  • Updating DID Document contents:
    • Verification Methods.
    • Verification Relationships.
    • Services.
  • Managing private cryptographic keys securely.
  • Signing credentials.
  • Encrypting messages.

Account Creation

Creating an Account is done through the AccountBuilder.

let account: Account = Account::builder()

Update Operations

Updating a DID Document can be performed through the update_identity function on the Account. For example, adding a new verification method to the DID Document:


The above code generates a new Ed25519 keypair, writes it to Storage, embeds it in a new verification method, and publishes the updated DID Document to the Tangle.

See the IdentityUpdater for a list of provided update operations.


pub use self::error::Error;
pub use self::error::Result;


Errors that may occur when working with Identity Accounts.