Crate icu_testdata[][src]

icu_testdata is a unit testing package for ICU4X.

The package exposes a DataProvider with stable data useful for unit testing. The data is based on a CLDR tag and a short list of locales that, together, cover a range of scenarios.

The list of locales and the current CLDR tag can be found in Cargo.toml.

The output data can be found in the data subdirectory.

Pointing to custom test data

If you wish to run ICU4X tests with custom test data, you may do so by setting the “ICU4X_TESTDATA_DIR” environment variable:

$ ICU4X_TESTDATA_DIR=/path/to/custom/testdata cargo test

Re-generating the data

From this directory, run:

$ cargo gen-testdata -v

Use -v, -vv, or -vvv for different verbosities of logging.

Use -m generate to generate the testdata without downloading it first:

$ cargo gen-testdata -v -m generate


use std::borrow::Cow;
use icu_provider::prelude::*;
use icu_locid_macros::langid;

let data_provider = icu_testdata::get_provider();

let data: Cow<icu_plurals::provider::PluralRuleStringsV1> = data_provider
    .load_payload(&DataRequest {
        resource_path: ResourcePath {
            key: icu_plurals::provider::key::CARDINAL_V1,
            options: ResourceOptions {
                langid: Some(langid!("ru")),
                variant: None,
assert_eq!(data.few, Some(Cow::Borrowed("v = 0 and i % 10 = 2..4 and i % 100 != 12..14")));





Get a DataProvider loading from test data. Panics if unable to load the data.