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icu-data.rlib is a library that makes available the Unicode Consortium’s ICU (International Components for Unicode) data repository without any C binding to libicu. At present, only the UCM (UniCode Mapping) files (icu-data/charset) are handled.

Originally, this library was going to store the data uncompressed in Rust data structures. However, this led to the library being over 1GB in size, and Cargo required 15GB of memory to compile it. So, we’re storing compressed versions in the library which are decompressed on demand (see documentation of ucm::request_mapping_file).

Data is © 1991-2021 Unicode, Inc.

For the license to this data, see:

It is an MIT-style license.

This library is Apache 2 licensed and is under the umbrella of the MFEK (Modular Font Editor K) project.

icu-data.rlib source code © 2021 Fredrick R. Brennan & MFEK Authors. See AUTHORS.



This module contains a UniCode Mapping (.ucm) file format parser and all of the data files available in the Unicode Consortium’s icu-data repository. For a list, see KNOWN_CHARSETS.