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A library for encoding/decoding ICO image files.


An ICO file (.ico) stores a collection of small images of different sizes and color depths. Individial images within the file can be encoded in either BMP or PNG format. ICO files are typically used for website favicons and for Windows application icons.

CUR files (.cur), which store Windows cursor images, use the same file format as ICO files, except that each image also comes with (x, y) hotspot coordinates that determines where on the image the user is pointing. This libary supports both file types.


Reading an ICO file

// Read an ICO file from disk:
let file = std::fs::File::open("path/to/file.ico").unwrap();
let icon_dir = ico::IconDir::read(file).unwrap();
// Print the size of each image in the ICO file:
for entry in icon_dir.entries() {
    println!("{}x{}", entry.width(), entry.height());
// Decode the first entry into an image:
let image = icon_dir.entries()[0].decode().unwrap();
// You can get raw RGBA pixel data to pass to another image library:
let rgba = image.rgba_data();
assert_eq!(rgba.len(), (4 * image.width() * image.height()) as usize);
// Alternatively, you can save the image as a PNG file:
let file = std::fs::File::create("icon.png").unwrap();

Creating an ICO file

// Create a new, empty icon collection:
let mut icon_dir = ico::IconDir::new(ico::ResourceType::Icon);
// Read a PNG file from disk and add it to the collection:
let file = std::fs::File::open("path/to/image.png").unwrap();
let image = ico::IconImage::read_png(file).unwrap();
// Alternatively, you can create an IconImage from raw RGBA pixel data
// (e.g. from another image library):
let rgba = vec![std::u8::MAX; 4 * 16 * 16];
let image = ico::IconImage::from_rgba_data(16, 16, rgba);
// Finally, write the ICO file to disk:
let file = std::fs::File::create("favicon.ico").unwrap();


A collection of images; the contents of a single ICO or CUR file.
One entry in an ICO or CUR file; a single icon or cursor.
A decoded image.


The type of resource stored in an ICO/CUR file.