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This library contains methods for divination using the I Ching and also includes a CLI app for making predictions in your terminal. The CLI app was inspired by the original ching(6) unix app.

The I Ching (a.k.a. the Book of Changes) is an ancient method of divination based on cleromancy (assigning meaning to the generation of apparently random numbers.) Six numbers between 6 and 9 are generated in order to create a hexagram, the meaning of which is contained in the I Ching book.

You can find lots of great information on the 2000+ year history of the I Ching on Wikipedia

To install this crate as a CLI app, just run

cargo install iching

Once installed, you can access the CLI help screen like this:

iching --help

This project is a work in progress. If you find any issues, please submit them through Github.

A simplified example:

   // Implementing the HexagramRepository trait is the most complex
   // aspect of using this library. See the included CLI app for an
   // example implementation called HexagramJson.
   let mut hexagrams: HexagramRepository = HexagramJson::new();

   // Don't forget to initialize repository after construction, else
   // it could fail to work or even panic.
   hexagrams.initialize().expect("Initialization of hexagrams has failed");

   // Create a new random hexagram.
   let new_hexagram = Hexagram::from_coin_tosses();
   // Get the number of the hexagram according to changing lines and ordering
   let hexagram_number = new_hexagram.as_number(false, HexagramOrdering::KingWen);

   // Fetch the hexagram's info from the repository that was initialized earlier.
   let hexagram_info = hexagrams.get_by_number(hexagram_number)
                                .expect("Failed to get hexagram info by number (pre)");

   // Print the hexagram info for the user
   print!("{}", hexagram_info);



This module contains functions for doing random virtual coin tosses.


Hexagrams are used for divination in the I Ching. This module contains hexagram generation and management tools.


Contains traits for implementing generic repositories of hexagram meanings.


Lines are the building blocks of Hexagrams and Trigrams. This module contains ways of randomly generating lines


A collection of various I-Ching related symbols, in unicode or ASCII-art form.


Trigrams are the building blocks of Hexagrams. This module contains trigram generation and management tools.