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Use the built-in widgets or create your own.



  • Allow your users to perform actions by pressing a button.
  • canvascanvas
    Draw 2D graphics for your users.
  • Show toggle controls using checkboxes.
  • Display a dropdown list of searchable and selectable options.
  • Decorate content and apply alignment.
  • imageimage
    Display images in your user interface.
  • Use widgets that can provide hints to ensure continuity.
  • Display interactive elements on top of other widgets.
  • Let your users split regions of your application and organize layout dynamically.
  • Display a dropdown list of selectable values.
  • Provide progress feedback to your users.
  • qr_codeqr_code
    Encode and display information in a QR code.
  • Create choices using radio buttons.
  • Display a horizontal or vertical rule for dividing content.
  • Navigate an endless amount of content with a scrollbar.
  • shaderwgpu
    A custom shader widget for wgpu applications.
  • Display an interactive selector of a single value from a range of values.
  • Distribute content vertically.
  • svgsvg
    Display vector graphics in your application.
  • Draw and interact with text.
  • Display a multi-line text input for text editing.
  • Display fields that can be filled with text.
  • Use the built-in theme and styles.
  • Show toggle controls using togglers.
  • Display a widget over another.
  • Display an interactive selector of a single value from a range of values.



  • Lazylazy
    A widget that only rebuilds its contents when necessary.
  • A widget that is aware of its dimensions.



  • A reusable, custom widget that uses The Elm Architecture.